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Love Young Forever

45 phút/tập

Đang phát: Hoàn Tất (26/26)

Tập mới nhất: 262524

Quốc gia: Trung Quốc

Diễn viên: Fang YilunFlora DaiLiu LingziMa WenyuanXiaotong Su冯铭潮

0/ 5 0 lượt
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There are two main schools in ethereal Yan Shan — the Yan Shan School, which boasts 2 men and the Bai Hua, which boasts 2 girls.The two schools get along with each other day and night, but because of the old-fashioned, strict rules and regulations, they do not interact with each other. But nothing can stop young people's yearning for love, and a series of twists and turns and joyful stories unfold.

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